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          Dongguan Dongcheng Keyang Electronic Instrument Firm (Dongguan Pinteng Electronic Co., LTD.), founded in 1999 in the manufacturing city of Dongguan, set production and sales: wire measuring instruments, electronic measuring instruments and equipment, chemical accessories, measuring tools, instruments and meters in one of the manufacturing, agent, wholesale electronic process supporting company.
Mainly for all kinds of electronic, automobile, wire and cable processing enterprises to provide industrial supporting supply services;
With the "your satisfaction is our pursuit" business philosophy and customer "service first" attitude, the majority of customers are affirmed and favored.

China general agent brand: Japan TAKANO TAKANO bump detector, Japan Takano Takano wire water capacitance tester, Ali Danseni AVERY DENNISON American cable gun general agent, Taiwan Satlon glue general agent, Taiwan SOLOMON welding table general agent, Japan LION diffusion/vacuum oil, KOOCZ Cojet, Taiwan tens of millions of plastic feeler, the United States plastic feeler production, the United States OREGON (Europe), Japan ELMECH rosin pen. ...

Main products: 1, (AVERY DENNISON) American Eli Dennison 12001-1 cable gun 2, Japan TAKANO(Takano) concave-convex detector/outside diameter measuring instrument wire water capacitance instrument 3, auto industry plastic tape gauge 14803 14839 4, satlon D-3 temperature rise glue satlon606 catalyst 5, ELMECH welding pen FD-1104-P 6, ELMECH rosin bottle FD-5015-W 7, Taiwan satlon glue agent 8, Japan LION diffusion pump oil 9, art plastic thickness gauge/plastic thickness gauge/plastic feeler American PORODUCSON Automotive Industry Plastic Feeler 15026 15028 14802 13280 10. USA Osia WB388 timer


Wire is concave and convex detector | | wire | wire and cable is concave and convex concave and convex detector detector in Shanghai electric wire electric cable bump testing instrument bump detection machine | wire | Japan | concave and convex concave and convex detector detector general agent | TAKANO bump detector | | Japan TAKANO TAKANO China general agent | Japan | TAKANO bump detector TAKANO outside the laser Diameter measuring instrument | wire diameter measuring instrument is concave and convex tester is | | wire diameter cable diameter measuring instrument meter | | wire diameter wire and cable particle detector detector | | diameter bump testing instrument capacitance tester, electric wire, wire rod, the water in the water capacitance meter


Company name: Dongguan City Dongcheng Keyang Electronic Instrument Firm
Company address: 117, Building 8, No.1 Xinsheng Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
The postal code is 523129
86-0769-22479361 81259622

Contact: Mr. Chen (Manager) Miss He (Assistant)
Mobile phone: 13556711918 13415878854
Email: cyscys@126.com / 327713569@QQ.com