laser micro diameter measurement

laser micro diameter measurement

Model No.︰LT-3011M

Brand Name︰TAKANO

Country of Origin︰Japan

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Product Description

Japan TAKANO detector, laser diameter is widely used in optical fiber, ceramic, electric wire, communication cable, power cable and enameled wire, aluminum pipe, steel, fiber, glass glass rods, such as plastic pipe, water pipe diameter measurement, online inspection and off-line, and can realize automatic feedback control and the online communication with computer.

Product features:

Using drift followed since the correction technology, measurement and precision is not affected by environmental light temperature, noise, measured values very stable;

Using laser protection circuit with high reliability and high stability constant speed scan motor, guarantee the high measurement precision, high stability and long service life.

Five real-time display, LED diameter with four upper and lower set display and the center location;

Analog output deviation under DC + 10 v output control voltage;

Transfinite alarm on the floor of the green LED flashing and relay output;

Small size, sampling speed, sensitivity, high precision, stable and reliable performance, no trouble back at home. 
Laser scanning, non-contact measurement, the measured object without damage; 
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Technical parameters: LT - 3011 - m uniaxial) (LT - 3012 - m biaxial)

Measuring range: 0.2-35 mm 
Accuracy: + / - 2 microns 
Resolution: + / - 0.1 microns 
Scanning speed: 700 times/SEC 
Repeatability error: + / - 0.001 m 
Instrument installation dimensions: 283 x 80 x 45 uniaxial (mm) biaxial 265 x 232 x 45 (mm) 
Measuring position height from the ground: arbitrary 
Instrument weight: 1 kg 
Working voltage: AC90 ~ 240 v 
Ambient temperature: 50 ℃ below

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