LIONS diffusion pump oi LIONA

LIONS diffusion pump oi LIONA


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The LION A/S diffusion pump oil, 1 l/bottle 
LION diffusion pump oil is a LION CORPORATION is the world leading the first open to ALKYLNAPHTHALEN as the main body of the vacuum, high vacuum and high vacuum diffusion pump oil

Taken the exhaust speed; Dinky oil flow.

U strong acid; High chemical stability.

Taken the volatile oil in the vacuum system of the influence of residual gas and survivor pollution is small.

Painted oil actuation temperature range is extensive; Influenced by power changes little; Vacuum stability.

Used in the lighting industry in the vacuum coating machine, and other high vacuum diffusion pump of vacuum coating machine.

Can replace ULVAC diffusion pump oil

ULVOIL D - 11, D - 23.

Domestic authorized LION general agent, to ensure that the original quality goods, false return!

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