rotary vacuum pump oil (LION L-700)

rotary vacuum pump oil (LION L-700)

Model No.︰LION L-700

Brand Name︰LION L-700

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Minimum Order︰2 pc

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Product Description

The LION vacuum pump oil
L - 400 vacuum pump oil (18 L/b), L - 700 vacuum pump oil (18 L/b), L - 1000 vacuum pump oil (18 L/b), and another 200 L/b/d
LION diffusion pump oil, vacuum pump oil is LION CORPORATION is the world leading the first open to ALKYLNAPHTHALEN as the main body of the vacuum, high vacuum and high vacuum diffusion pump oil

Taken the exhaust speed; Oil flow quantity is very small.
U strong acid; High chemical stability.

Taken the adnascent residual gas in vacuum system and the survivor pollution effect.

Painted oil actuation temperature range is extensive; Under the influence of power fluctuation is small; Vacuum stability.

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