satlon(D-3/606)Glue Auto motor

satlon(D-3/606)Glue Auto motor

Model No.︰satlonD-3606

Brand Name︰D-3/606

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Model: SatlonD-of 3 Satlon606 specification: a SatlonD-3 50g /-branch Satlon606 170g / (spray type) Professional Association up satlon D-3/satlon 606 Safety Test temperature rise glue
Safety testing of high-temperature thermal conductivity glue SatlonD-3, also known as the temperature rise of plastic, thermocouples plastic, glue temperature, temperature RBI glue. Single-component adhesives, almost all the seamless integration of the various plane can be joint, does not require pre-mixing, heating and tighten, solvent, a slight taste of non-flammable, non-toxic. With special catalyst satlon606, you can instantly curing (5-10 seconds), extremely easy to use another Division I for the different requirements of a variety of temperature rise glue customers to choose, welcome to inquire! Satlon high temperature series of instantaneous strength adhesive can be used Safety Test, also known as: adhesive thermocouple, the temperature glue, temperature glue, safety plastic, the most suitable for use in high temperature and humid environment, such as: general industrial drilling motors, speakers, electric stove disk drive, oven, etc.; car hood in the automobile industry, waterproof trim, filter and electronics industry, high-speed precision motor, circuit board ...
First, the characteristics of:
(1) quickly followed: sturdy then a few seconds.
No volatile: non-solvent, non-toxic.
(3) Easy operation: single liquid at normal temperature hardening.
Then strength: excellent strength, high temperature.
5 perfect appearance: colorless, low white mist.
Second, the specification:
High viscosity, medium speed and then, resistance to impact type, high temperature, applies to plastics, rubber, metal, etc..
Third, the traits:
Then speed :30-40 sec (ABS / ABS)
Persistence: 6month / 25 ° C
Viscosity :800-1000cps
The main ingredients: alpha - Cyanoacrylate Monomer 90.7%, Polyethyl Ethylacrylate 6.0%, the the Dimethyl Sebacate 3.3%
Solubility: ACETONE, MEK
Specific Gravity: 1.08 - 1.10
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Flash Point: 90 ° C
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Four, after polymerization curing general:
Specific gravity: 1.2480
Melting point :175-190 ° C
Hardness :78-90
Softening Point :130-145 ° C
Cold resistance: -40 ° C 48 hours did not change
Heat aging resistance: 100 ℃ 75 hours did not change
Linear expansion coefficient: 0.000126
Tensile shear strength: 25 ° C regimen 48 hours]
Steel: 186
Copper: 185
PVC: 50 *
ABS: 70 *
[* A mark as a material to rupture]
Packing: 50 g PE bottles box (50g 30 branch)
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