Cable capacitance detector

Cable capacitance detector

Model No.︰CT-1200B

Brand Name︰TAKANO

Country of Origin︰Japan

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Product Description

TAKANO China's only authorized agents  

Japan TAKANO detector, laser diameter is widely used in optical fiber, ceramic, electric wire, communication cable, power cable and enameled wire, aluminum pipe, steel, fiber, glass glass rods, such as plastic pipe, water pipe diameter measurement, online inspection and off-line, and can realize automatic feedback control and the online communication with computer.  

Product features:

Small size, sampling speed, sensitivity, high precision, stable and reliable performance, no worries.  
Laser scanning, non-contact measurement, the measured object without damage.  
With PID feedback control system.  
With RS232 communication interface, can communicate with PC or PLC.  
Microcomputer digital control convenient operation and simple to use.  
Can be equipped with relay drive deviation alarm function.  
Can easily adjust the error between the actual value and the display value.  
The upper limit can be set/lower limit alarm function.

Technical parameters:

0.3 a 30 mm measurement range  
Measurement accuracy of plus or minus 2 microns  
Resolution of plus or minus 0.1 microns  
Scanning speed 1000 times per second  
Repeatability error of plus or minus 0.001 m  
Instrument appearance size 289 * 89 * 30 (mm)  
Measure height from the ground to arbitrary position  
Instrument weight 1 kg  
Working voltage AC90 ~ 240 v  
The environment temperature 50 ℃ below