satlon adhesive D-3 606

satlon adhesive D-3 606

Model No.︰satlon606/D-3

Brand Name︰D-3/606

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

U satlon D - 3 glue temperature satlon606 catalyst

U Satlon D - 3 / Satlon606 high temperature resistant safety testing glue, and glue, temperature thermoelectric lotus root glue dot, WenJiao measurement, temperature glue. Single component adhesive, almost all can together all sorts of plane are joinable, don't need to be mixed in advance, heated, does not contain solvents, mild taste no combustibility, non-toxic. With dedicated satlon606 catalyst curing can be five to ten seconds, use very convenient.

U the other can also be applied to the high temperature and high humidity environment, such as in general industrial motors, loudspeakers, electric stove, oven, air conditioner... And so on; Automobile industry of automobile engine, water tank, article waterproof decorations, filter... And electronic industry and so on in the disk drive, high speed precision motor, circuit board, switch power supply, electronic components etc

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