temp-controlled heating platform

temp-controlled heating platform

Model No.︰KOOCZ946A

Brand Name︰KOOCZ946A

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Ke jie KOOCZ - 946 heating KOOCZ - 946 - a heating plate

A, product characteristics:
1, USES the CPU temperature control, constant temperature, temperature compensation fine-tuning to make temperature more accurately;
2, using code type digital temperature display, convenient operation and safety is simple and clear;
More than 3, using special hair heat pipe, convenient maintenance;
4, with large area of alloy aluminum unibody;
5, has quick heating (1 ℃) for 2 seconds or less warming heated evenly, high efficiency (5-6 times that of ordinary furnace);
6, has the function of constant temperature, it is suitable for electronic industry, constant temperature heating;
7, heat insulation board is designed on the lower level, in case of scald, safe in operation.

Second, the scope of application: 1, any sealing glue, glue constant temperature heating in electronics industry. ? 2, mold factory, mold core

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